MemberWise Jobs provides a number of key support services in filling vacancies. The most popular of these services is the jobs board. A summary of the packages can be found immediately below, but please take the time to consider what other support we can offer you.

Impact Package
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30 day posting
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Other Services

Recruitment Support

Do you need an independent, external representative to support your recruitment? It might be that you have both internal and external candidates applying for a post. To ensure that you are able prove a non-discriminatory process, why not invite a representative from MemberWise to assist in the process? Services include CV reviewing to being on the interview panel. For more information please Contact Us directly to discuss your requirements.

Workforce Planning

Are you planning to restructure your membership support teams/departments? This is quite a daunting task and will benefit from experienced support in order to ensure that you are implementing positive adjustments to your services. MemberWise can provide this by helping to review the current structure and how it might look after the restructure. If you would like to know more, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Membership Staff Duties Review

Are you planning to introduce a new membership-related role or perhaps reviewing your current job descriptions for existing staff? Sometimes managers are satisfied with the overall structure of the team/department, but could do with assistance in checking that current roles and duties are fit for purpose. By getting independent support we can help you identify any gaps that might exist and tailor support so that job roles sync up in a positive way, benefitting both organisation and the membership it serves. Please Contact Us directly to discuss your requirements further.