Our members have told us that it is going to be a busy few months for recruitment within their organisations.

FACT: 85% of our members are planning for a new hire this year to support growth and development!

Yes, change is in the air and we are here to help you. Whether you are creating a new role, revising an existing one, or just want something to benchmark against our standardised job descriptions will be invaluable to you.

MemberWise have created a set of job descriptions covering several key positions within most associations. These are free to access and can be edited or amended to meet your specific needs. Getting job descriptions correct is critical for a few reasons:

  • It attracts candidates by providing key information
  • It ensures expectations are clear for both employer and employee
  • Annual performance metrics can be developed from them

Drafting them can be a challenge and missing out important tasks could make the difference between getting an effective member of the team or not. By using our resources you can ensure that you cover all necessary bases and start your recruitment off correctly – getting someone who knows what the job entails and knows how to deliver it!

You can download these free templates from our professional online community, MemberWise Connect….