In our previous blog post, Getting Your Membership Career Sorted in 2019, a number of ideas to improve your prospects of finding your next role this year. One of the ideas was attendance at conferences. In this blog post we will look at this in a little more detail, so here are our three top tips!

1. Attending events expands your network

You will get an opportunity to discuss topics with like-minded fellow professionals – something you do not necessarily do at the office – which can be very rewarding in itself, but this is only one outcome. Meeting new colleagues is also a way to tap into new knowledge and awareness of new organisations. This means you can find out about new opportunities when they come up and also have someone who may be able to provide a recommendation!

2. You will increase your knowledge and skill set

No one wants to present and empty CV when applying for a job – this would not put anyone in the short list! Whilst conferences and other events are not necessarily something you would put on a CV, think about how you use the learning provided to shape and improve your strategy, deliverables, outcomes and activities. These positive results and improvements are all attributes that will add weight to your professional gravitas and make your CV stand out.

3. Meet with recruitment agencies and workforce development experts

MemberWise is working more with selected agencies to help bring the latest roles to you through our site, MemberWise Jobs, but also the opportunity to talk with agents at our conferences. At Membership Excellence this year our key Recruitment Partners, Hunter Merrifield, will be on hand to provide you with recruitment advice and support to making your next career step. Schedule in a catch up with them, they will be happy to scan over your CV and provide you with hints and tips, but also give you insights into upcoming roles!

Are you planning to go to an event soon? If not take a look at our next ones and start thinking about what learning you will take away to implement back at the office, but also think about how your attendance will bring about another opportunity for you in your next career step. You can find an upcoming event on our events page.