CPD is something which may be on everyone’s mind – as membership professionals you will often be providing this to your members, but what about your own? Common questions that get us thinking about our career include; What have you achieved this year?; How can I add value to my team; What have I done personally to secure success; areas of potential growth and what training and support to do I need next year?

As you start looking at that appraisal form this year ensure that you give attention to the areas of CPD that will not only develop and challenge you in your current role but give consideration to getting experience that will futureproof your membership career.

Our advice to you….

Engagement and Retention:
Engagement has been a key focus for many teams in 2017 and nearly every role that we have recruited this year has looked for someone who has had exposure to either developing strategy or implementing an engagement programme. No matter what area of membership you work in, ensure that you have an understanding of how engaged your members are, feedback to senior staff when you have identified areas of potential weakness as well as opportunity and don’t leave it for others to plan – GET INVOLVED! Create a steering group and make your voice heard. Learn about new concepts and exchange ideas with others at events such as Member Engagement Bootcamps and our popular Member Engagement Hub.

CRM and Digital Transformation:
As membership departments seek to develop increasingly relevant content and engage their members in a more meaningful way, we have seen a huge emphasis on a strong understanding of the role of data and how it can be used to fuel better marketing strategies and subsequent increased engagement. Direct involvement with suppliers and external contractors and making key decisions regarding “useful” data and how this is interpreted are crucial. To really capitalise on these skills, project or programme management is an additional skills set which would set you apart from colleagues and your contemporaries especially when applying for your next or interim role. If you would like to learn more take a look at some of our acclaimed Insight videos, or go straight to one about Digital Strategy.

Marketing and Communication:
As many of the work streams or hacks at Digital Excellent 2017 demonstrated, we too have seen the importance being placed on candidates having an awareness and exposure to the use of social media to further engage existing and potential members. To stand out in this area, employers are looking for someone who has taken ownership of a campaign and maybe taken a risk or the initiative to try new and innovative channels to consolidate and reinvigorate their online presence. We have seen more candidates with a commercial background being successful in these roles as social media is proven to impact revenue generation potential. Don’t be scared to look at bringing in a commercial individual to support you, but also be aware that as an existing membership marketing professional, your copywriting and content will always be in demand. Have a little faith in your ability and try new styles and techniques as this can be a great way to refresh how you are perceived and reach new members. If you need some inspiration, take a look at this Insight video on BASC’s approach to marketing.

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