There are thousands of professionals supporting a variety of membership bodies and associations. This is a group of highly engaged professionals who, in short, love their jobs. Why? That is a good question and we asked our members for some of their reasons. This is what they said.

“There is so much marketing and communications activity around commercial organisations and I like to look hard at the things I think are working well and see how they might be repurposed for a membership environment. it’s a good way of making yourself think about what the clever/funny/appealing marketing activity was really trying to do and then I can think about whether that is a challenge I am facing too, and if that solution would work for me.”

– Sarah Alder, Consultant

“I think as well as the collaborative and sharing nature of working in membership the other plus is that wide knowledge and involvement needed. Whatever size of organization you work for, working in membership you also need an understanding of comms and marketing, data evaluation and interpretation, commercial needs, sales, audience knowledge, financials – the list could go on. I believe that most membership people have to have a wide range of skills and knowledge to get the most out of their roles – it never gets dull.”

– Hilary White, Manager, Royal Society of Chemistry

“It has to be the variety and the opportunities (challenges?!) that are thrown up daily by members. I worked in the industry I represent for 10 years before I started working in the association and thought I knew most things but as they say every day is a school day.”

– Andrew Chalk, British Blind and Shutter Association

“…it’s one of the most diverse jobs you can have – you get involved in education, customer service, communication, strategy, thought leadership…and, er, day to day problem solving (or is that more like minute to minute). And you need to know about finance, governance, psychology(!), working with committees, what is going on in society and latest trends, training, governance, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and about the sector you are working in. There is also usually something to amuse you round the corner too.”

– Suzanne Beard, Head of Professional Affairs, Energy Institute

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