IAPCO – Chief Executive Officer

Application deadline: 21 August 17:00

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Job Seniority: Chief Executive
Job Function: Management

Salary:  €90,000-95,000

Accountable to the President, Vice-President and Treasurer of IAPCO

Oversight of the day to day operation of the organisation

The Chief Executive Officer will report to the President, Vice-President and Council. The Chief Executive Officer will have overall accountability for the strategic direction of the organisation in support of its aims, its growth and financial viability and for its representation on the worldwide stage.

The Chief Executive Officer is supported by a small, experienced and valued team responsible for the administrative function of the association, its communications, its membership and the administration of its constitutional affairs.

The Chief Executive Officer will champion the mission of IAPCO on the global stage and develop strategic partnerships with key opinion leaders and organisations across the meetings industry in pursuit of IAPCO’s mission and aims in close collaboration with IAPCO’s President, Vice-President and Treasurer. The Chief Executive Officer will be keen to engage with members and others to understand fully the perception of IAPCO and in pursuit of growth.

While the following schedule of responsibilities has been developed to encompass as much of the role as possible, it is by no means exhaustive and may be adapted to include any additional activities as could be reasonably expected of the leadership role envisaged.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


·       In consultation with the President and Council, develop and implement the strategic plan for IAPCO, its aims and objectives.

·       Manage Council interaction providing recommendations and guidance and creating opportunities that optimise the role of the President and elected Council members in pursuit of the vision and mission of IAPCO.

·       Develop thought leadership.

·       Engage with the wider, global meetings industry in support of agreed objectives and act as IAPCO’s spokesperson to this end.

·       Identify, assess and inform the board of internal and external issues that might impact on the association.

·       Oversee the drafting of policies for the approval of the Council and the preparation of procedures that implement the organizational policies such that an annual review of existing policies with recommendations for change are delivered for approval by Council in a timely manner.

Planning and management:

·       Develop the operational plan of IAPCO such that its aims and objectives are achieved within agreed timescales.

·       Lead the administrative function of IAPCO.

·       Develop products and services, particularly those relating to education, standards attainment and certification and ensure their efficient planning, implementation and evaluation.

·       Oversee the scheduling, planning and arrangement of Council meetings by IAPCO’s administrative staff such that these are appropriately hosted, with agreed agendas and that subsequent notes and actions are delivered.

·       Oversee the co-ordination of the bidding process and host appointment for Annual Meetings is appropriately managed by the administrative staff who will also supervise and assist in the planning and organisation of the Annual Meeting.

·       Determine staffing requirements for organisational management and program delivery; recruit, interview and select staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the organization’s mission; coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance and disciplining with appropriate techniques.

·       Oversee the requirement for an appropriate information technology infrastructure to be in place including regulatory security systems to ensure the necessary operational efficiencies are in place and that confidentiality is maintained in all areas.

·       Work closely with the Education Chair to plan and implement the education programme, following the IAPCO’s strategic plan, from an active yet supervisory context.

Communications, community relations and advocacy:

·       Oversee the development of an integrated marketing and communications plan in liaison with the membership and communications manager that supports the aims of the

·       organisation and ensures the IAPCO brand is at the forefront of standards of service in international professional meetings management.

·       Proactively seek out and deliver in person or as is strategically appropriate to do so, speaking opportunities that champion the mission of IAPCO on the worldwide meetings stage.

·       Have oversight of regular communications that ensure key stakeholders and others are interested in, know and understand the work of the association.

·       Ensure that all media communications solicited by the Chief Executive Officer and reactively responded to, reflect the high standards of the organisation and are also current for today’s marketplace in which members and others do business.

·       Establish good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with partners, funders, politicians, and other organizations (including the existing international partnerships with JMIC, PCMA and EIC) to help achieve the goals of the organization.

·       Oversee the Association’s Ambassador network activity managed by the Membership and Communications Manager to ensure goals are achieved.

·       Undertake extensive networking at industry related events, locally and internationally

·       Conduct media interviews as required.

Financial and risk management:

·       Develop and oversee a long term financial plan for the organisation in line with agreed objectives and particularly those relating to the development of a commercial strategy, products and services, specifically as regards education and certification in line with core objectives and to maximise growth potential.

·       Be accountable for raising and growing our sponsorship revenue stream, working closely with our partners to maximise incomes.

·       Guide and agree with Council achievable financial targets.

·       Work with the Council to identify and secure existing and potential funding partners and sponsorship relationships.

·       Be accountable for the management of IAPCO’s P&L in liaison with the appointed Treasurer.

·       Develop and deliver an agreed annual budget.

·       Oversee the day to day management of IAPCO’s P&L.

·       Ensure IAPCO is appropriately resourced for its proper financial management.

·       Oversee the preparation of IAPCO’s annual report and accounts.

·       Be accountable for adequate funds being in place such that the Association can fulfil its vision and strategic goals.

·       Oversee the delivery of sound book-keeping and accounting procedures are followed and that annual returns, accounts, audits and statutory returns are compiled, completed and submitted as required in order to comply with all legislation.

·       Provide comprehensive and regular reports to the Council on revenue, expenditure and budget implication.

Working conditions:

The Association is international in nature which requires flexibility in working hours and travel internationally. There is currently no fixed office and accordingly work-from-home flexibility is a requirement.

The Chief Executive Officer is required to travel as the organisation operates globally.

The Chief Executive Officer will usually work in an office environment, but the mission of the organization may sometimes take them to non-standard workplaces. The working week would be a standard forty (40) hour working week, at times spread across evening work and weekends to accommodate activities such as Council meetings and representing the organisation at public events.

Experiences, qualifications and attributes:

·       Transparent and high integrity leader

·       Strategic thinker and visionary

·       Five or more years’ senior management experience ideally in the Meetings Industry

·       Solid, hands-on, budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and business acumen

·       Strong team leadership with an ability to drive progress

·       Ability to convey a vision of IAPCO’s strategic future to the Executive Council, its staff team, volunteers, sponsors, stakeholders and media.

·       Knowledge of fundraising strategies and sponsor relations unique to non-profit sector

·       Skills to collaborate with and motivate council members and other volunteers

·       Strong written and oral communication skills in English

·       Multicultural ability to interface and engage with diverse volunteer and related groups (multilingual ability would be an asset, but is not a requirement)

·       Demonstrable ability to oversee and collaborate with staff

·       Strong public speaking ability in English and an ability to engage with media and stakeholders on industry related matters.

The right mix of experience and qualifications will be a strong consideration and the successful applicant will not necessarily possess each and every one of the requirements, but rather the most suitable combinations.

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